Comfort + Fashion = Comshion or Fashfort?

We hear it all the time “comfort is key,” but for us fashion girls comfort is not the only thing to consider when choosing an outfit. We have to get a little more innovative because throwing on a pair of sweats just won’t cut it.

Warning: Your Edges May Be Snatched

This fit though! 🤤🤤🤤 For this look I wanted to challenge myself a little. I wanted to take a dress that I would normally wear on a night out with heels and a nice bag, and turn it into a day time look. To dress it down I paired it with white platform pumas,  a leather fanny pack, and…


Im going to let this look speak for itself. Enjoy 😘

Live Your Best Life

Plus size women are often told we have to wear clothes that are made for our bodies. Clothes that cinch your waist and make you look “smaller.” But honestly…  (excuse my language) FUCK LOOKING SMALLER!  

Spring has sprung…BARELY

I have been trying to find the time lately to post. This past month my life was very busy, and my creativity was lacking. I partially blame the weather. March is usually my favorite time of year. Mainly because my birthday falls during this month, but also because it means spring and beautiful weather is…

My Love For Mesh

TWERK 👏🏾! TWERK 👏🏾! TWERK 👏🏾! TWERK 👏🏾! TWERK 👏🏾! That’s how good this outfit is! Who says you can’t be sexy and still have on a chill outfit?

Faux Fur & Corsets

If you looked in the dictionary under bipolar you will find the words New England weather.

$7 Sweater Dress

I love the oversized sweater dress look. You know the one celebs wear that looks like they just threw on their boyfriends sweater, topped it off with a fabulous pair of heels, and went about their day? The effortless chic look?