$7 Sweater Dress


I love the oversized sweater dress look. You know the one celebs wear that looks like they just threw on their boyfriends sweater, topped it off with a fabulous pair of heels, and went about their day? The effortless chic look? YEA that one! SO…I just so happen to be in the mens department of Wally World (Wal-Mart). On a shelf I stumbled upon stacks of Fruit of the Loom crewneck sweaters, ranging from sizes S-4XL for a whopping $6.90. And TaDah (💡) I had a vision. I knew I could pull off this look. Mens sweaters run big anyway, but I went ahead and picked up the size two times larger than my normal women’s size to get the right fit. Plus if this crewneck ultimately didn’t work, at the very least I had a very cozy sweater to sleep in. Well…IT WORKED! I paired the look with $5 biker shorts from Forever 21, knee high boots from Torrid , and $20 BeBe bag from TjMaxx.