Spring has sprung…BARELY

I have been trying to find the time lately to post. This past month my life was very busy, and my creativity was lacking. I partially blame the weather. March is usually my favorite time of year. Mainly because my birthday falls during this month, but also because it means spring and beautiful weather is upon us. I do my best work when the sun is shinin’ shinin’ shinin’ shinin’ yeah (Beyoncé vocals). We haven’t reached spring yet; we’ve had 3 snow storms instead, and just shitty weather all around. We’re into April and it’s still snowing :'(. I did in the meantime still try to serve you guys looks on Instagram.

BUT on a better note I’m back and ALWAYS popping. I am sorry it took so long for another post. Since it’s technically “spring” we’re wearing green. This top has a knit sweater material, but is sleeveless with open sides. The sides give it a sexier touch, and you know I’m always for showing a little skin. I’ve also FINALLY ordered the infamous Fashion Nova jeans. They’re very stretchy and super comfortable. If you know me you know I’m not a fan of  jean wearing. I will skip them every time if I can. But these were so comfortable I forgot I had jeans on. I would definitely recommend if you haven’t purchased yet. I topped the look off with a tan leather jacket, and green boots to match the knit “sweater”.

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