Live Your Best Life

Plus size women are often told we have to wear clothes that are made for our bodies. Clothes that cinch your waist and make you look “smaller.” But honestly…  (excuse my language) FUCK LOOKING SMALLER!  I missed out on so many outfits because they were not “flattering.” I’ve been able to change that mindset in the past couple of years, and thank God because look at how cute this is.  Anything that is oversized, comfy, and easy to throw on, are my go to looks now. You don’t need an hourglass figure to pull off looser clothing. Wear what ever makes you happy! That goes for anyone at any size. Stop letting societal standards stop you from living your best life. I should mention that this dress was actually meant to be a shirt, but it was so long I figured why not. You guys know I  love repurposing clothes. You can find it here at



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