Welcome to my blog! My name is Mel Saieh (Sigh Yay). I’ve created this blog to inspire women to love their bodies no matter the size jeans they wear. I know for the past few years the fashion industry has taken great strides in creating fashionable plus size clothing. However, there are still many more steps to take before plus size fashion is on the same level as non-plus size fashion. I want to bridge that gap one outfit at a time. I’ve decided that blogging provides a great platform to show off my styling and beauty tips. As plus size women, often we’re told we cant wear certain items because they were not made for our bodies; well I’m calling BULLSHIT. When life gives you curves, flaunt them. ALL women can wear what they want, when they want, and how they want to. Self love starts from within, but a good outfit can create the confidence to begin your journey.